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 I travelled throu Sapa, Hanoi, Catba Island, Halong Bay, several cities to Saigon, "Ho Chi Mingh City". Vietnam has many unique cultures, amazing scenic landscapes and the best streetfood in the world! Only a few, bt my favorite impressions are showen here.
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Impressions of Vietnam

from Sapa to Saigon. People and Scenes
Vietnam Saigon yellow
CuChi Saigon Woods Tyres
Man recycling tires near by CuCHi Tunnels [image][title][content][categories][tags]
Sapa Ceremony Monks offering
Temple Ceremony [image][title][content][categories][tags]
Sapa Ceremony Monks money_web
Temple Ceremony [image][title][content][categories][tags]

Impressions of Vietnam

I traveled thru Sapa , Hanoi, Catba Island, Halong Bay, several cities to Saigon, Ho Chi Mingh City. Vietnam has many unique cultures, amazing scenic landscapes and the best street food in the world! Only a few, but my favorite impressions are shown here.


29. Januar 2018



asia, authentical, hanoi, hoi an, hue, mmkgallery, people, peoplephotography, saigon, sapa, travel, Travelphotography, vietnam